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A few examples of texts I've translated in the past...

Financial translations

- Press release (EN-NL) of the results for the third quarter for a large Belgian pharmaceutical company

- Revision and translation of the annual report for a listed chemical group

- Proofreading of the annual report of a large pharmaceutical company

- Translation (FR-NL) of a proposition of services for the private banking department of a large Dutch-Belgian bank

- Economical sector analysis for a metal workers union

- Translation of investment advice “(buy/sell)” for a bank in Luxemburg

- Translation (EN-NL) of a notice to shareholders about the decisions of the board of directors

- Translation of a report of the CFO of one of the biggest Belgian construction groups

- Translation (EN-NL) of an investor's update for a well-known Belgian asset management company

- A 40 page translation of the Notes to the annual report of an English insurance three days time...



Technical analysis

- Translation (FR-NL) of a technical analysis for a regional bank in France

- Translation of a daily newsletter on market signals (support-resistance)



- Translation (EN-NL) of a simplified prospectus for a pension fund of a large Dutch-Belgian bank

- Translation (EN-NL) of a simplified prospectus for a life insurance product for a large Dutch-Belgian bank

- Translation (FR-NL) of a prospectus for a large French fund management company

- Translation (EN-NL) of two simplified prospectuses for an Irish investment fund


KIID - Key investor information document

- Translation and revision (EN-NL) of KIIDs (Key Investor Information Documents) for a Luxemburg based reporting company

- Revision (EN-NL) of about 30 KIID's for an English translation company

- Translation (FR-NL) of a key investor information document (KIID) of a Paris based investment fund

- 2 KIID’s of two institutional Sub-Funds of an Irish investment company



- Morning Bell, daily newsletter to the members of a currency trading website

- Dual currency deposit agreement (FR-NL) for a well-known state-owned Dutch bank



Legal translations

Real estate

- rental contract (ES-NL) for a holiday rental company based in Malaga, Spain

- real estate contract (ES-NL) for a buyer in Spain

- real estate contract (FR-NL) for a house in Switserland


- Contract for the health and safety coordinators (FR-NL) for a large French-Belgian bank

- Commercial loan agreement (ES-NL) for a notary in Granada, Spain

- Dual currency deposit agreement (FR-NL) for a well-known state-owned Dutch bank

Terms & conditions

- Disclaimer for a large listed Belgian pharmaceutical company

- General terms & conditions (EN-NL) for a UK based web design company

- Sales terms (FR-NL) for a starting health care company

- General conditions of a forex-trading website/platform


- Translation of the specifications of a construction project in Brussels (FR-NL)

- Translation of a website (IT-strings) for a Luxemburg bank

- Safety instructions (EN-NL) for the Brussels offices of a large Belgian-Dutch bank

- Translation (FR-NL) of a scientific-historical article in the book Vlaamse migranten in Wallonië

- Revision of the Code of Conduct (EN-NL) of a European mid-cap pharmaceutical company

- Translation of the minutes (EN-NL) of the annual meeting of the board of directors for the branch in Antwerp of a large German chemical company

- Marketing material for the introduction of an electrical car for a well-known utilities company


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